wonder woman in the city

Three happy, confident, active, and a little bit silly kids; two kind, sweet, loving parents; a touch of sun, leavesView full post »

Turning 7

farm slides and hay rides. apple cider donuts and kettle corn. new dolls and california grandma hugs. cake, thenView full post »

addie and the farm

Last year I got to photograph Addie at her home, one day before her second birthday, in a flurry of bubbles andView full post »

You Are My Wild … MARFA.

Almost two years ago, my friends Rebecca Zeller, Meaghan Curry and I were longing to start a collaboration in the formView full post »

summer. nikonos. tri-x. film.

i love to try new cameras, and i especially love to try new cameras that are built like tanks, small in size, totallyView full post »


beneath. beneath the surface of the water. beneath the growing shell a 10 1/2 year old builds to protect herself fromView full post »


I shared these words on my facebook page, but I feel they bear repeating… I think my favorite part aboutView full post »

Gather ’round the baby

I photograph so many extended family sessions, but I rarely display them here. These may have been taken in June, butView full post »

2014 | our july

That time a bunch of kids who were the subjects of a little blog called “You Are My Wild” got together inView full post »

2014 | our june

Pool, couch, garden, repeat. The best days of summer. This is what our June looked like in iPhone pictures. This postView full post »

New babe

she is just the sweetest thing…View full post »

2014 | our may

This is a small bit of our May as seen through my iPhone photographs. These monthly posts are part of a group ofView full post »

South Carolina >> Georgia >> Florida

Spring break road trip south. Santee, Savannah, and Blue Spring State Park. Pretty much perfect.View full post »

2014 | our april

hotel pool – road trip sunset – savannah my heaven – gold teeth – many rivers – bellesView full post »

Spring Baby Boom

There’s just something in the air this spring. So happy I get to spend time with all of this amazing new life.View full post »

Jadalyn and Kiersten | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Thought this was a perfect share for today. I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day smothered in love andView full post »

Love for Mothers

Just a few images in celebration of all of the wonderful mother’s I have been lucky enough to meet andView full post »

Cherry Blossoms | 2014

All I ask of them is about 20 minutes, once a year. Not downtown, but just on a pretty tree-lined street around theView full post »

2014 | Our March

This March involved broken wrists, Field Trips, and more snow than I care to remember. Plane rides, Ventura and Ojai,View full post »

California. El Capitan Canyon. Ventura. Ojai. Field Trip. 2014

Early this month we all traveled west to visit family and so that I could attend the first ever Photo Field Trip. FieldView full post »

2014 | our february

What our February looks like… iPhone edition. Waiting for film scans and warmer weather… Next in theView full post »

Smiles and Pouts and Leafless Tress | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

It’s not like me to share a session that was months ago, but this fall was so insanely busy that I have anView full post »

Kelsey Gerhard | www.kelseygerhard.com

2014 | Our January

January has been a time for rest and taking things slow. A time for hikes and trips downtown to see aView full post »

loves. yours. 2013.

I always put together a compilation of some of my favorite client moments from the year in late December. Getting toView full post »

loves. instagram. 2013

When I make a family book each year, I use the photos I took on my iPhone – the ones I share with the uniqueView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 52. The finale.

My last image for our last post in what has become a project, and a group of people, I will never forget. You Are MyView full post »

loves. mine. 2013.

I have been wavering for days about what to say in this post. When I lookView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 51

Winter walks, rejuvenation, water and sand, bare trees that let the low light through spindlyView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 49

This fall she chose to play the viola because Harry Potter’s theme song is played on it and she was too smallView full post »

Nancy Charline and baby Grace | Washington, DC Newborn Photographer

When this family welcomed me into their downtown home, I instantly felt surrounded by creativity, love, and warmth. IView full post »

On The Farm

A little visit to the farm seemed like just what was needed for a family of little girls currently obsessed with theirView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 47

The week we finally seemed to have more than a day off as a family. The week we took more than one nature walk just toView full post »

Sydney Turns One

Anyone who has been following my work for any length of time may recognize this lovely family. I first photographedView full post »

An evening with Henry and Aiden

One of those perfect Virginia fall evenings in a pretty place with a fun and loving family. That about sums it up. :)View full post »

You Are My Wild, week 46

Week 46. Cold outside, warm inside. Instant film in a favorite patch of light. It is perhaps my favorite week yet onView full post »

Jack, Julia, and Charlotte

I met with this warm and welcoming family of five just after a week of constant rain and postponed sessions. A sunnyView full post »

Leonora is loved – Washington, DC newborn photographer

Sweet Leonora (or Nora for short). Three months old, healthy and loved. With her rosy cheeks and rosebud lips, alertView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 43

We are not ones to let any summerish bits of fall slip through our fingers…  www.youaremywild.com.View full post »

Adeline on her second birthday

I recently had a little exchange with another photographer about photographing two year olds. She said sometimes twoView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 40

Spontaneous, break free from the rain, drive into the blue ridge mountains, apple picking. 13 more lovelies atView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 37

I am finding it harder and harder to get images of my kids lately. I blame it on full time school and the manyView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 41

The occasional attitude of a pre-teen, while proudly wearing the “apple patterns” hat she made inView full post »

Connor and Sebastian

Sometimes (admittedly not often) I get to photograph boys. Cute boys with cubby baby knuckles, and bandaged fingers.View full post »

Time | The Chorus

When I wonder where the time has gone these last ten years, all I need to do is look at you. You… the girl who came aView full post »

Delaney | Northern Virginia Senior Photographer

I met up in the fields with Delaney one thunder threatening summer afternoon. We dodged sprinkles, humidity andView full post »

Our August | California in Film

The highlight of our last month of freedom for the summer was our California vacation. Even though we plan to go asView full post »

Late Summer in January

When film scans from a few straggling rolls of film left over from late summer hit your inbox in mid January (inView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 33 | beneath the surface

Part fish, these two. You Are My Wild, week 33. Still summer…View full post »

the english family | ventura pier

California. It was a month ago, but I am still playing catch up now that school has begun. I always schedule aView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 38

The girl and her dog… always. Week 38, www.youaremywild.com.View full post »

You Are My Wild, week 34

I just dropped my girls off for their first day of school, but in my heart I feel like we are still a little family onView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 32 | The Pacific

California, the northernmost part of the southern coast, the Pacific, and two brave girls. Week 22, you are my wild.View full post »


“Sweet, crazy conversations full of half sentences, daydreams and misunderstandings more thrilling thanView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 31 | Anacapa Island

Stone tools, neon shoes, epic views, bird poo, sea lions, snorkelers, boat rides, dolphin encounters, archaeology,View full post »

You Are My Wild, week 30

Early morning at the museum (all to ourselves)…View full post »

Elizabeth – Washington, DC, family photographer

So much fun meeting up with Elizabeth and her family for a Sunday morning stroll through the city. At almost two, likeView full post »

Snippits of California

Just a few snippets of travels, cousins, tar pits, sleepovers, borrowed shoes, rainbow friends, and chickens namedView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 29

It seems that summer is going by so quickly. I realized this week that before I know it this small girl of mine will beView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 28 | The Heatwave

Week 28. I can’t believe we are already here! It is full on, no holding back summer here in Virginia, withView full post »

You Are My Wild, Week 27

We are experiencing all sorts of firsts this summer… and losing things. ;) See all of the otherView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 25

Week 25… downtown DC, on the mall, riding the carousel, heat and humidity, flushed cheeks, Smithsonian steps, andView full post »

Early August California Sessions | Ventura + Ojai + Santa Barbara

Hello, hello, HELLO! Before you know it I will be heading west to offer my annual travel sessions in California! I amView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 26

It is so hard to believe we are over halfway through our little portrait project. It has taken on a life of it’sView full post »

With Wild Daisies | Fairfax, Virginia Child and Family Photographer

I never tire of seeing this young family for our photo sessions. We have tramped through gardens and run through theView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 24

First A meet (age 5). Smallest swimmer. Strong finish! www.youaremywild.com  View full post »

She | Contax | Fuji Acros

She is getting so much older every minute. So proud of her, and there is so much I want for her that it is painful.View full post »

You Are My Wild, week 22

Stealing photographs at a summer potluck in a friend’s home. Admiring amazing paintings, basking in sun raysView full post »

Six Month Sydney

This is the story of Sydney. The girl who turned six months old in the blink of an eye, who started eating bananas,View full post »

You Are My Wild, week 19

Week 19 was the week my oldest participated in her last Montessori school opera. The week she worked so hard on theView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 17

Insert favorite song here…  (and see all the others at youaremywild.com)View full post »

You Are My Wild, week 16

Some of us are stubborn and willful and not interested in seeing themselves in photos, no matter how pretty theView full post »

Love in blossoms and willow trees…

Tim and Elise were so easy going and natural, and obviously enamored with each other. They were a joy to be around! IView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 15 | The Warm Spell…

The warm spell – and the first appearance of the hose (in two parts).   All of the others atView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 14 – Cherry Blossom edition

Cherry blossoms, oh cherry blossoms. This year our blossoms were so elusive! They bloomed about 2 weeks late, then itView full post »

10 on 10 – April, 2013

northbound …… welcome aboard! …… lone gull …… so bright …… so coolView full post »

You Are My Wild, week 13 – empty beach, full heart

For this week’s You Are My Wild I stole one more moment from the last bit of our spring break at the beach. AnView full post »

Benjamin | Vienna, Virginia Family and Baby Photographer

Such a sweet loved little boy on a gorgeous, lush, green, Virginia summer day…View full post »