I am so happy to share that I was invited to write an article in Mozi Magazine‘s 2015 LOVE issue, sharing my 10 most heartfelt and honest tips for capturing emotion in children. While my article is the one focused solely on children, I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the other articles. It truly is a beautiful issue, fit for the title “LOVE”.

To celebrate, and to entertain myself on this snowy, snowy day, I am GIVING AWAY a free digital copy to one lucky reader. Hooray!

To enter, simply comment on this post, click HERE to complete your entry, and you are in! Contest ends March 6th, at 12am, so don’t delay! xo


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Perhaps another day of blizzard-y snow, and a 120 year record low temperature isn’t the best time to finally edit and share those photos I shot in Bethany Beach last August… Or maybe, just maybe, that pink light, that bright toothless grin, those humidity filled curls and those sun bleached strands will be just the reminder I need that warmth will soon be back. Faster than I can blink, another full year will have passed me by. We are already half way there! We will be finding our way into the coral sunsets again, and I will look back at these images and wonder how we all managed changed so much.