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In putting together these pictures I was thinking how difficult it was to find ourselves surrounded by our favorite blooms this year. The weather was too cold for too long, they bloomed too late, our schedules were too busy, the light was never just right, the wind was too strong, and a storm was coming that I feared would blow them all away…

And maybe it’s because they always bloom just days before my oldest turns that much older, but their beauty and brevity always resonates with me in massive way. This year in particular, the timing of their short stay, and the fact that they are already gone has hit me straight in the gut — like a visiting friend I didn’t get to enjoy enough, that I am missing terribly already.

So, I try to freeze what I can. Still time in petals, and in blowing hair… in lips still a little chapped from winter, a blur of willow branches, and two sets of steely blue/green eyes. Because by the time we walk back up that hill, I know this flutter of beauty and chaos will have already passed.

It was pretty exciting to get an email from a senior photo editor at National Geographic saying they would like to feature this image of my Lu swimming in the pool as one of their “Photo of the Day”s on the main website.  A few weeks later and today it’s live. By the time I woke up it already had amassed over 10,000 likes on their facebook page, and 600 shares. It’s mind boggling, but I am feeling really grateful.

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